Kenwood Music

Kenwood Music is an extension of the music ministry at Kenwood. We hope to serve Kenwood members and other churches and ministries through the music and resources Kenwood Music has produced.


Free playlists and access to recorded Kenwood Music


Chord Charts, Lead Sheets, & Audio

All I Need
Chords / Audio

Chords (G) / Audio

Christ, Our Rest
Chords (Bb) / Chords (G) / Audio

Christ Victorious

Chord Chart / Lead Sheet

In My Place
Chord Chart / Lead Sheet / Piano / Violin / Audio

The Grace of Him
Chord Chart / Audio

Good to Know the Father
Chords (Bb) / Chords (G) / Lead Sheet / Audio

His Love Can Never Fail
Chords / Audio

Holy Is the Everlasting God
Chords (F) / Chords (capo V) / Audio

Hope of Every Promise
Chords / Audio

I Will Remember (Psalm 77)
Chords / Audio

No Grave Could Keep
Chord Chart / Lead Sheet / Audio