Small Groups

Kenwood small groups exist for members to spur one another on to love and good deeds.

Groups consist of members who are married, single, parents, and everything else, and they meet every other week for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer. Childcare, location, day, and time are left up to each group.

Small Group Registration


Are small groups a requirement?
While we do think small groups are a great way to form meaningful relationships and be spurred on to grow, they are not a requirement.

When do small groups meet?
Small groups meet every other week, on any day that works for them. Almost all of our groups meet on Wednesday nights, although a couple meet on Sunday nights. Kenwood has a service every other Wednesday night for teaching and prayer, and most of our small groups meet on Wednesdays to alternate with the Wednesday evening service.

What happens with children during small group?
We leave this up to each group.

What happens in small groups?
Small groups are about fellowship, study, and prayer. This looks different in each group. Some groups share a meal each time, some discuss the Scripture passage for the upcoming sermon, some split as men and women to pray together, and some do a combination of all of that.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Matt Damico / [email protected]