A note from Women’s Ministry Leadership

March 23, 2020
In light of Denny’s recent sermon related to anxiety, we thought it might be helpful to suggest a few resources. As ladies, it can be especially easy to be overcome by our emotions and fall prey to anxiety or depression during uncertain times. Those resources are below.

Please also know that the three of us (and, really, any woman in the church) want to hear from you if you need specific encouragement or prayer. Don’t hesitate to be honest and open, as Denny said in his sermon. God uses comforted sufferers to comfort those who are suffering.

Lastly, to piggyback on the fasting suggestion in last week’s newsletter, we want to set up a day on which we call people to join us in a fast. We can all be crying out to the Lord together in a unified voice to do mighty things through this season. May he be glorified in salvation and provision and other good works he has had planned from before the beginning of time. Let’s use Fridays to do this! Remember this is not for everyone, and it can look different for each person. You decide in your heart what God might be calling you to participate in.

Jill Hamilton, Bethany Breland & Jenny Coobs

Resources for Anxiety & Fear

Be Not Afraid by Kristie Gant
Women’s Ministry has used her studies before and appreciated her biblical and theological approach.

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges
A classic book that J.O. consistently recommends.

A Small Book for the Anxious Heart by Ed Welch
A simple resource that speaks in a loving and practical way.

Elisabeth Elliott’s teaching on suffering
An audio resource that will richly encourage you.

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp
A daily devotional that will minister to every angle of your heart.

Women’s ministry seeks to build up the faith of women and strengthen the bonds of love and fellowship among each other through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Women’s ministry strives to encourage ladies to glorify Christ by maintaining right priorities as they invest their hearts and time into church and other responsibilities outside the church.

Women’s Retreat

Every fall, the Kenwood women spend a Friday evening and Saturday morning together at another location for a special time of worship and teaching. This weekend is always a rich and memorable time for the Kenwood women.

Living with Emotions: Grounding ourselves in the unchanging God
September 2019

Audio Archive

Bible & Book Studies

The women at Kenwood are committed to being women of the Word. In order to encourage one another toward, the women’s ministry holds studies each winter and summer that go through a portion of Scripture or a helpful book by a trusted author.

Archive of Previous Studies

Mentoring Groups

Mentoring groups include 3-4 ladies and are led by a mature, godly woman. These groups provide opportunities for Titus 2 relationships among women to develop and thrive. Each group varies in topic, leader, location, frequency of meeting, etc. By offering a variety of options, we hope that women will be excited to join a group to encourage and fit her season of life best.

Registration for Mentoring Groups is open each fall.