KCM / Kenwood College Ministry

KCM exists to disciple and equip college-age men and women during formative years of life. We strive to ensure that all students grow in maturity, holiness, and in their love for God and neighbor.

Kenwood College Ministry meets every other Wednesday evening at the church for pizza, fellowship, and teaching on apologetics. There’s also weekly outreach opportunities at the University of Louisville, monthly mentoring, and occasions for meaningful fellowship with one another.

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Outreach to the University of Louisville

Kenwood is strategically located just south of the campus of the University of Louisville. Weekly outreach opportunities through KCM and other member-initiated efforts are aimed at spreading the gospel to the lost and discipling young believers at U of L.

2020 Spring Schedule

January 12 / Sunday after potluck

January 20 / Monday 8am-5pm

January 22 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

January 26 / Sunday 12:30pm

February 2 / Sunday at 6:00pm

February 5 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

February 7 / Friday at 6:00pm

February 19 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

March 4 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

March 18 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

April 1 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

April 15 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

April 29 / Wednesday at 6:00pm

Spring Kick-off

Sledding at Perfect North

Apologetics & Pizza

Potluck Evangelism Training & UofL Outreach

SuperBowl Party

Apologetics & Pizza

Family Dinners

Apologetics & Pizza

Apologetics & Pizza

Apologetics & Pizza

Apologetics & Pizza

Apologetics & Pizza

Apologetics & Pizza