KCM exists to disciple and equip college-age men and women during formative years of life. We strive to ensure that all students grow in maturity, holiness, and in their love for God and neighbor.

Meets every Sunday for worship, discipleship, fellowship, teaching, and events.

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Outreach to the University of Louisville

Kenwood is strategically located just south of the campus of the University of Louisville. Weekly outreach opportunities through KCM and other member-initiated efforts are aimed at spreading the gospel to the lost and discipling young believers at UofL.

Spring 2023

Relationships: Flaw and Order

1.22 Sunday 6 PM WN1 – Biblical Manhood: Tame the Wild at Home
1.29 Sunday 6 PM DG1 – Dating: Make it Out of Friendship
2.5 Sunday 6 PM WN2 – Womanhood: Claim the Heart of the Home
2.12 Sunday 6 PM Super Bowl Party @Molnars
2.19 Sunday 6 PM WN3 – Friendship: Navigating Your FellowShip
2.26 Sunday 6 PM DG2 – Purity Night
3.5 Sunday 6 PM WN4 – Neighbor: Love or War? Yes!
3.12 Sunday 6 PM Clue Live! (Mystery Game Night)
3.19 Sunday 6 PM WN5: School: A Road to Virtue
3.25 Saturday 8 AM Hiking at Red River Gorge
3.26 Sunday 6 PM DG3 – Work: You Aren’t Afraid Enough
4.16 Sunday 6 PM WN6 – Government: Taxes, Little Caesars, & Augustine
4.22 Saturday 3 PM Airshow and Thunder Hangout
4.23 Sunday 6 PM DG4 – Media: How to Be an Influencer Like Jesus
4.30 Sunday 6 PM Harry Potter Movie Night

WN = Worship Night @Kenwood. Meal included.
*= See web for alternate location.
DG = Discipleship Groups. Locations vary. DM for info.
EV = Event locations vary. DM for info.

Looking for more information?
Text, call or email college pastor, Randall: 502-648-8903 / [email protected]