KCM exists to disciple and equip college-age men and women during formative years of life. We strive to ensure that all students grow in maturity, holiness, and in their love for God and neighbor.

Meets every Sunday for worship, discipleship, fellowship, teaching, and events.

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Outreach to the University of Louisville

Kenwood is strategically located just south of the campus of the University of Louisville. Weekly outreach opportunities through KCM and other member-initiated efforts are aimed at spreading the gospel to the lost and discipling young believers at UofL.

Fall 2022

Relationships: Flaw and Order

Fr 8.19 10pm EV UL Block Party Outreach* (UL BCM)
Sn 8.21 6pm WN Jesus: Finding Life in the Way & Truth
Sn 8.28 1pm EV Kick-n-swim @Parklands (Leave from Kenwood after service)
Sn 9.4 6pm WN Discipline: Your Spiritual Cardio
Sn 9.11 6pm DG Trinity: The Real Influencers
Fr 9.16 6pm EV Men: Brisket, Purity, & Hold’em
Fr 9.16 6pm EV Women: KBC Retreat (thru Sat morn)
Sn 9.18 6pm WN* World: Jesus Is Not a Spectrum (Damico Home)
Fr 9.23 5pm EV Converge Conference (thru Sun morn)
Sn 9.25 6pm DG Image: God’s 3D Social Media
Fr 9.30 6pm EV Movie Night
Sn 10.9 6pm OFF
Sn 10.16 6pm WN Gender: Pronoun Cons
Fr 10.21 4pm EV Men’s Campout (thru Sat aft)
Sn 10.23 6pm DG Marriage: The Ripest Fruit
Sn 10.30 6pm WN* Marriage: The Best Friend
Sa 11.5 5pm EV Kenwood Bonfire at Molnars
Sn 11.6 6pm DG Church: God’s Rule Made Real
Sn 11.13 6pm WN Parents: The Honor Litmus Test
Sn 11.20 6pm DG Dinner, Study, & Games

WN = Worship Night @Kenwood. Meal included.
*= See web for alternate location.
DG = Discipleship Groups. Locations vary. DM for info.
EV = Event locations vary. DM for info.

Looking for more information?
Text, call or email college pastor, Randall: 502-648-8903 / [email protected]