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Women's Ministry at Kenwood seeks to build up the faith of women and strengthen the bonds of love and fellowship among each other through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 




The Thing About Sex

Tim Challies //

One of the significant difficulties many husbands and wives encounter is the place of sexual desire and pleasure in marriage. More...




The Invisible Parenting Tool

Marty Machowski // Gospel Story For Kids

The most important tool in our parenting toolbox is invisible.  As a result, we too often fail to put it into use until the last moment when we’ve tried everything with no success. More...


Raising a Child with Special Needs - Loving Our Son

Jill Marlette // Grow, Proclaim, Serve

There are many struggles that come with being a mom in general, but being the mom of a child with special needs can lead to some extra hurdles. More...


A Prayer for the Mom Who's Worn

Christina Fox // The Gospel Coalition

Motherhood is both the best job and the also hardest job I've ever had. It has brought me great joy and revealed to me a level of love I hadn't known before. It has also stretched me physically, mentally, and emotionally. While the physical stretch marks may fade, the ones on my heart are there to stay. More...


Is Your Child a Christian?

Brian Croft // The Gospel Coalition

As parents, we all wrestle with how to answer this question, and I've found there are usually two extremes that need to be avoided. The first is made worse by a lack of discernment shown in many churches when they routinely extend altar calls to 4- or 5-year-olds, ask them to raise their hands if they love Jesus, and then baptize them as converted followers of Christ. The second is often a reaction against the carelessness of the first. More...


Spiritual Growth


How to Be Mentored Without a Mentor

Jodi Ware // The Gospel Coalition

Some time ago, a young woman asked who had mentored me. She was surprised when I replied I'd never been mentored. I had in mind, of course, the idea that mentoring involves a formal, weekly or biweekly meeting with a wise older woman—doing a Bible or book study together and learning how to live as a Christian woman. I have never experienced this specific kind of mentoring. But I've been mentored. More...




Praying Scripture

To Show Them Jesus

The Apostle Paul is one whom I model many of my prayers after. While he had every reason to pray for safety, comfort, and happiness for the churches he ministered to (after all, many of them faced intense persecution), the prayers he wrote in his letters reflected his concern for what was more important than safety, comfort, and happiness–their growth in faith in the gospel of Christ. He prayed for the gospel’s impact in their heart and that they would understand the depths of love God has for them through Christ.  More...


Ethical Issues


The Real Life of the Pro-Life Home

Rachel Jankovic // Desiring God

I know myself, and I know that I couldn’t be any more angered by abortion. So when I first started seeing things about the Gosnell trial, I skipped right over it. More...