The visitation ministry seeks to honor God by displaying the love of Christ to those members who are unable to attend Church on a regular basis or who are widowed and live alone.



Individuals or families are paired with an older member in hopes that they will know their Church's love for them. As a general rule, we aim to make one phone call, write one letter, and make one physical visit (if they'll have you over) per month. 

It is our prayer that these members who aren't able to see everyone on a regular basis will remember how much we love them and care for them!

To get involved with the Visitation Ministry, please contact Ryan Edenfield /


Valentines for Kenwood Homebound

The Visitation Ministry will be collecting valentine’s cards, notes, drawings, etc. this Sunday. Write a note or have your family draw some pictures to send to some our dearest members! 

     For a list of the recipients, please reference Monday's Kenwood newsletter.

     Valentine’s collected on Sunday, February 8

     Contact: Ryan Edenfield /


Serve & be Served


What Young Christians Can Learn from the Elderly

Elizabeth Marten // The Gospel Coalition

For the young Christian who wants to serve, remember that you have the ability to help an elderly brother or sister in Christ. You can be a helping hand in the kitchen or a friend who takes them to doctor's appointments. Many needs can bring you to their aide, but remember to stay a bit longer. Listen and watch. The elderly have a lot to offer young Christians. Whether through their words of wisdom or examples of love, do not overlook the ways they can serve you. More...