"A tourist, in climbing an Alpine summit, finds himself tied by a strong rope to his trusty guide, and to three of his fellow-tourists. As they skirt a perilous precipice he cannot pray, 'Lord, hold up my goings in a safe path, that my footsteps slip not, but as to my guide and companions, they must look out for themselves.' The only proper prayer in such a case is, 'Lord, hold up our goings in a safe path; for if one slips, all of us may perish.' "  H. Clay Trumbell


Prayer Team

The goal of the Kenwood Prayer Team is to see the Lord working through our prayers and see our prayers become bolder, our faith stronger, and our fruitfulness increased. Please consider joining with us in committed, concerted prayer!

   Contact: Cathy Cannon /


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Prayer for Missionaries 

On the first Sunday of each month we will be getting together to pray for:

  1. Missionaries and others sent out from Kenwood 
  2. Kenwood's outreach
  3. Other local churches in Louisville

     WHY COME?

  • It will inform you of different ways to pray in your own personal prayer life for the church
  • By joining in prayer we participate with these various ministries as they seek to spread the Gospel
  • This will be a great time of fellowship centered around prayer
  • Plus: There will be coffee and donuts

     Next Prayer Meeting: Sunday, November 6 at 8:30am

     Location: Kenwood Classroom 22


Bible Study & Prayer

A break in the week to come together for encouragement through Word and prayer. Prayer requests taken each week.

     Every other Wednesday at 6:30pm

     Check Kenwood Calendar



All requests are submitted to the Kenwood Elders. Please specify below if you would like your request submitted to the Kenwood Prayer Team.


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