College Ministry

Kenwood College Ministry seeks to care for, equip, and disciple students in the Louisville area through weekly meetings, discipleship groups, and other opportunities.



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Join us every Sunday.

     Semester Topic: Proclaim

     Sundays at 6pm 

     Location: Kenwood Baptist Church at Victory Memorial


Spring Schedule:


Sunday, January 22

     Salsa, Sardines, and Spoons

Sunday, January 29 // Worship Night

     Proclaim the Gospel

Sunday, February 5

     Super Bowl Party

Sunday, February 12

     Parents Night Out

Sunday, February 19 // Discipleship Group

     Barriers to Proclaiming

     Location: KCM Leaders Homes

Saturday, February 25 // Family Dinners

     Eat Dinner w/ a Kenwood Family

     Misc. Kenwood Homes

Sunday, February 26

     Clue Live with dinner

Sunday, March 5 // Worship Night

     The What of Proclaiming

Sunday, March 12 // Discipleship Group

     Replying to "You Do You"

     Location: KCM Leaders Homes

Sunday, March 19 // Worship Night

     To Who Do We Proclaim?

Sunday, March 26 // Discipleship Group Outreach Weekend

     Location: KCM Leaders Homes

Sunday, April 9 // Discipleship Group

     Proclaiming & Lifestyle Conflicts

     Location: KCM Leaders Homes

Saturday, April 23 // Family Dinners

     Eat Dinner w/ a Kenwood Family

     Misc. Kenwood Homes

Sunday, April 30 // Worship Night

     Why We Should Proclaim


*All meetings are at Kenwood on Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm unless otherwise stated.