Serving Louisville

Kenwood is committed to better the community of South Louisville. This begins by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and includes many events that are planned each year to meet needs in the community.


1937 Project

Kenwood is partnering with Southern Seminary and serving those most in need in the city of Louisville through the 1937 Project. 

     Saturday morning, April 26, 7:30am

     Meet at Southern Seminary

     Register (Kenwood Baptist, Group No. 3 / Group leader: Garrett Fox)


What is the 1937 Project?

The 1937 Project is an outreach project in which the Southern Seminary community comes together for one day to serve the city of Louisville through acts of service and evangelism. The name “The 1937 Project” was chosen for the purpose of remembering and honoring Southern Seminary’s critical role of service in the aftermath of the Great Flood of 1937. During the flood, Southern Seminary students and faculty played a critical role in assisting the city of Louisville through numerous acts of service and evangelism. Seminary buildings were used to house flood victims and orphans, and the city mayor’s office used the President’s office for an extended period of time to conduct operations. On April 20, 2013, The 1937 Project volunteers will flood the streets of Louisville performing acts of service and sharing their faith throughout the city.


Through service-oriented activities and evangelism, the mission of The 1937 Project is to further gospel witness in the city of Louisville and model theological service for future church leaders. We aim to show our continued support for the city of Louisville as well as many of our local churches and Christian non-profit organizations.