"When a person becomes a Christian, he doesn’t just join a local church because it’s a good habit for growing in spiritual maturity. He joins a local church because it’s the expression of what Christ has made him—a member of the body of Christ. Being united to Christ means being united to every Christian. But that universal union must be given a living, breathing existence in the local church.”  Mark Dever, Capital Hill Baptist Church


Membership Class

Whether a new member or a prospective member, if you haven't yet been - join the next Membership Class! Topics include: Kenwood distinctives, covenant, statement of faith, SBC, etc.

     5-Week class



Steps to Membership


1. Express Interest to an Elder

The first step to becoming a member is to express your desire to an elder.


2. Membership Form

After talking to an elder, complete the below form. Upon completion you will be contacted by an elder to set up a Membership Interview.

Membership Form


3. Membership Interview

Meet with one or two elders and provide a basic biography and testimony. Your interview will be discussed at the next Elders' Meeting and after receiving approval your application will be presented to the congregation.


4. Congregational Affirmation

During a Wednesday Bible Study or Sunday morning worship you will be introduced to and voted on by the congregation. With a majority vote you will be admitted into membership.


5. Membership Class

All members are encouraged to attend a membership class prior to or soon after membership. The class is comprised of five sessions:

  1. Why Join a Church?
  2. Our Statement of Faith
  3. Our Church Covenant
  4. Why Southern Baptist?
  5. Q&A, Review, and Kenwood Distinctives